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It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through 2021, since it feels like we just crawled out of the smoking crater that was 2020. In terms of personal finance, the pandemic was worse than the 2008 financial crisis for most Americans , affecting everything including employment, retirement savings, and the cost of living. In 2021, much of Lifehacker’s personal finance coverage is still related to the economic fallout from the pandemic, offering tips and advice on how to best navigate the tax credits, relief programs, and the economic uncertainty of a still-shaky economic recovery. Here’s a look at our most useful posts that can still save you money. Student loan forgiveness has been a front-burner topic since President Biden was elected last November, and the biggest question has been whether blanket debt forgiveness of $50,000 would happen with Democrats controlling Congress. While much can still happen while Biden is in office, the answer seems to be no—it’s much more likely that Biden will continue to beef up debt forgiveness through existing federal student loan programs. This post explains what you need to know . Why it’s a terrible time to buy a car, and how long you should wait Why it’s a terrible time to buy a car, and how long you should wait The pandemic shut down factories, which caused car shortages, leading to sky-high prices for both new and used cars. It has been and remains a terrible time to buy a car, although the market might soften up later this year. This post walks you through some tips on buying a car when you’re stuck in a seller’s market. “What are NFTs?” was the big question in early 2021, as the boom in retail investing made it hard to know whether the latest investment craze was a fad or the future of commerce. NFTs offer a way to collect and own digital media, whether that’s in the form of a sports highlight or an original sketch by a famous artist, and the market has blown up, resulting in billions of dollars in transactions so far in 2021 . Whether or not the market is sustainable long-term is another matter, and the subject of this post . How to retroactively qualify for free healthcare if you were unemployed in 2021 How to retroactively qualify for free healthcare if you were unemployed in 2021 Earlier this year, Congress established all sorts of COVID-relief benefits as part of the American Rescue Act. Thing is, some benefits kick in later in the year and are therefore easy to overlook. A great example of this is the recently topped-up Obamacare subsidies on bronze and silver health insurance plans, which you can qualify for if you were unemployed at any point in 2021. With the new subsidies, three out of five Americans can qualify for $0 monthly premiums, right now. Check out this post , which will take you through the steps on how to claim the subsidy or switch up your current plan. The difference between investing and speculating (and why it matters) Early in 2021 we saw an explosion of retail investing , as user-friendly trading apps like Robinhood and crowd-sourcing subreddits encouraged trading in “memestocks,” like AMC and Gamestop (cryptocurrencies were also popular). While some people traded in these moribund stocks for a laugh, others actually made money based on short-term momentum swings in the stock. Short term bets like this are commonly described as speculation, but what does that mean exactly?

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The value a new owner assigned to that asset when he bought the team could be used to offset taxes on team profits, as well as any other income he might have. (Defenders of the practice contend that it’s not double-dipping since the deductions are taken against two separate pools of money: the money used to purchase the team and the day-to-day operating budget.) Team owners, Veeck wrote in his memoir, had won “a tax write-off that could have been figured out by a Texas oilman. It wasn’t figured out by a Texas oilman. It was figured out by a Chicago hustler. Me.” Once the IRS accepted this premise, the natural next step — owners assigning as large a portion of the total team purchase price as possible to player contracts — was elevated into a sport of its own. Decades ago, Paul Beeston, who was president of the Toronto Blue Jays and president of Major League Baseball at various times, famously described the result: “Under generally accepted accounting principles, I could turn a $4 million profit into a $2 million loss and I could get every national accounting firm to agree with me.” The depreciation of tangible assets, and their decay over time, is often intuitive. A machine in a factory and a fleet of cars have more obvious fair market values and life spans before business owners will have to pay to replace them. Take, for example, a newspaper business sneak a peek at these guys with a printing press that cost $10 million and will last for, say, 20 years. The idea of depreciation is that the newspaper owner could deduct a piece of that $10 million every year for the 20-year lifespan of the press. But amortization, the term for depreciating nonphysical assets, was less straightforward. Sports teams are often mainly composed of these assets. Valuing and assigning a life span to a player contract or a TV deal was more subjective and thus vulnerable to aggressive tax maneuvers by team owners. Several NBA teams claimed that more than 90% — in one case, 100% — of their value consisted of player contracts that could be written off on the owner’s taxes, according to league financials that emerged in an early 1970s congressional investigation. By that time the IRS had begun a series of challenges of valuation methods by team owners, part of a larger fight across industries about how business owners should be allowed to write off so-called intangible assets. The tax agency insisted that companies should only be able to write off assets with a limited useful life. In an effort to stop the endless litigation, Congress inaugurated the modern era of amortization by simplifying the rules in 1993: Under the new regime, the purchaser of a business would be allowed, over official site the span of 15 years, to write off more types of intangible assets. This might have been welcome news for the sports business. But Congress explicitly excluded the industry from the law. Following lobbying by Major League Baseball, in 2004, sports teams were granted the right to use this deduction as part of a tax bill signed by President George W.