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Covid-19: Air travel takes off on busiest weekend since pandemic began image captionPassengers reported long queues and a lack of information at Stansted Airport Airlines and airports say they are having their busiest weekend since the pandemic began as schools close and the summer holidays begin for millions. Heathrow Airport expects 60,000 passengers to depart daily, while Gatwick says it expects 250 flights a day - up from a low of just 15. But the numbers are still far below pre-pandemic levels. Spain is the top destination for UK travellers, followed by Greece. Heathrow to trial fast-tracking vaccinated arrivals After 18 months in which the travel industry has been devastated by the pandemic, companies including EasyJet, TUI and Jet2, as well as major airports, said they would have more passengers this weekend than at any time since the pandemic began. Air travel companies said the decision to let fully vaccinated travellers visit amber list countries without quarantining on their return had encouraged people to consider more destinations. Travellers at London Stansted Airport in Essex reported snaking queues at check-in and security - with one passenger telling the BBC they felt it was "chaos" with staff overwhelmed. Camilla McMyn said some passengers were upset after missing flights due to the long queues. "I haven't been crammed up next to so many people for a long time," she added. Some 1,330 flights were due at Stansted between Friday and Monday, up from 735 during the same weekend in 2020. image captionGatwick Airport is back up to 250 flights a day, but still well short of its usual 950 daily flights before the pandemic Manchester Airport said it was "an encouraging but tentative step towards recovery", but it said the government's "chaotic and unpredictable" approach to international travel had damaged confidence. EasyJet suggested the vaccination programme had given the travel industry a boost, with many Britons saying they were much more likely to want to travel once they had been double-vaccinated and that travel had been a major motivation for getting jabbed for many of them. What are your travel plans this weekend? Share your experiences by emailing haveyoursay@bbc.co.uk . Please include a contact number if you are willing to speak to a BBC journalist. You can also get in touch in the following ways:


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national champion and arguably the greatest gymnast of all time, shows that it doesn’t have to be like this, after all. In a sport where you can begin to age out by the time you’re old enough to vote, she is 24 and at the top of her game. With that status, Biles is forging a new model for one of America’s most popular female sports — not as a prepubescent girl but as an athletic young woman. She isn’t just still good; she’s better than she’s ever been. And she appears to be having a great time. She posts photos of pizza to her Instagram, and she posts her bathing suits and boyfriends, too. She wears leotards with little rhinestone GOATs (for the “greatest of all time”). She is dismantling unhealthy notions of what it takes to succeed and how a female champion is allowed to look. It’s helping redefine female power in sports. “She has opened the eyes of so many kids that were told they could not do it or they were not good enough or they didn’t have the body type,” said her coach Cecile Landi, who competed in the 1996 Olympics for France. Biles sends a message about what it takes to reach the most vaunted heights of gymnastics that is different from almost anything we have seen before. “When I was an athlete, this wasn’t the case,” Landi told me. “I was told I was not supposed to have a boyfriend, I was not supposed to go eat a cookie or something like that. And I think she’s showing everybody you can have a margarita with your family and friends and you can also still be the greatest gymnast of all time.” It’s no wonder gymnasts have gone to such extremes to succeed at the Olympics. It is one of the most popular televised events of the games — which makes it one of the most popular and visible female sports in the world. But that means the athletes are exposed to prime time TV and endorsement opportunities only every four years, and because the sport still lacks a strong pro league, as most male-dominated sports have, that fleeting visibility is where most of the money lies. But refusing to go to those extremes has been a strategy for Biles. “At the end of the day, I’m just like you,” she told me recently, after she won her record seventh all-around U.S. title. “I want to be as normal as possible.” This approach has helped her sustain one of the longest reigns in gymnastics — maintaining both her physical strength and her relative nonchalance about her excellence, despite intense public scrutiny and pressure.