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“Big events pull you in,” he says. To which Claire responds, “I was a big event.” And that she was. Even though this is their first date, Claire has known Henry since she was a child because an older version of him had (or will, from his perspective) travel to see her throughout her adolescence. Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams in The Time Traveler’s Wife. But Claire hadn’t seen Henry for years before bumping into him at a library in Chicago where he works. This Henry is perplexed, maybe even a bit unnerved, by Claire’s familiarity with him. However, this first meeting (for him) and reunion (for her) is where this couple’s relationship begins, moving forward while also folding into the past. The Time Traveler’s Wife is directed by Robert Schwentke, known for action thrillers like Red and Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins . Set mostly in Chicago during the ‘90s and early 2000s, Schwentke grounds this love story by adding a grittiness to it that we don’t often see in similar melodramas. We see this in how inherently dangerous time-traveling is for Henry — and not in the usual “this will mess up the space-time continuum” way. When Henry travels, his clothes don’t make the trip with him. This leads to dangerous situations where he has to scramble to find clothes, often breaking into apartments or stores and sometimes finding himself in the middle of a fight or an arrest. HBO is currently re-adapting the bestselling book, this time as a TV series . Not knowing if Henry is safe is a burden Claire has to carry, and it brings up questions about free will and choice. Claire questions if Henry’s presence in her childhood took away her ability to choose anyone else but him. Even when he proposes to her, she jokes and says, “No,” at first, to check if she still has free will. These moments, and Claire’s resolve to understand the nature of her relationship with Henry, add to the film’s thought-provoking premise. The Time Traveler’s Wife was a commercial success when it was released in 2009, earning over $100 million worldwide. So it’s no surprise to learn that HBO is re-adapting the bestselling book, this time as a TV series . The show stars Divergent’s Theo James and Rose Leslie, best known as Ygritte from Game of Thrones .